Abbott Expands Nutrition Operations

Three new state-of-the-art plants will use the latest technology for faster, more-efficient manufacturing of nutritional products designed to help people around the world live healthier lives.

At the same time a little girl in China may be eating breakfast with her mom; a boy in Ireland could be enjoying a snack before rugby practice; and a family in the U.S. may be sitting down for dinner. While the tables—and the food on those tables—may look different, there is one thing that ties these people together: the importance of nutrition in their lives.

Abbott understands that nutrition is a key part of your health and wellness throughout your life. From your first birthday party to the day you celebrate your retirement, Abbott is continuously looking for ways to bring you more innovative, high-quality products.

This month, Abbott experienced two important milestones as a company. The company celebrated the official openings of two new manufacturing facilities to bring more nutrition products to consumers around the world. The new plants in Tipp City, Ohio in the U.S. and in Jiaxing, China will help Abbott deliver on its promise to help consumers live healthier lives.

As the global population ages and the prevalence of chronic diseases increase, consumers are looking for ways to be healthy. The facility in Tipp City, Ohio will use the latest technology to manufacture leading adult nutrition brand, Ensure® for consumers in the U.S. and around the world. Ensure is an adult nutritional product that provides complete, balanced nutrition to help people remain active and recover from illness.

China welcomes more than 17 million babies each year, fueling a growing demand for high-quality infant formula. The new Jiaxing plant, designed to help meet this increasing need, is one of the most advanced infant formula manufacturing plants in the world. Products made here will have premium packaging technology and a formulation designed specifically to meet the needs of Chinese consumers.

Later this year, Abbott will also expand its nutritional solutions to consumers in India as it plans to open a new manufacturing plant in Jhagadia. The facility will provide customized nutrition solutions to meet the needs of local consumers.

At the core of all three new facilities is Abbott’s dedication to quality. The people, the processes and the products at Abbott all help deliver the highest quality product to consumers around the world. Abbott accepts nothing but the best in everything it does in order to earn and maintain the trust of its consumers.

The three new plants bring Abbott closer to its consumers—wherever you are across the globe. Opening these facilities allow Abbott to invest in the communities it serves and provide localized nutrition solutions. Now, the little girl in China, the young boy in Ireland and the family in the U.S. can rest assured knowing that their food is nutritious and produced with the highest standards of quality.