We know there’s no one or perfect way to raise your kids. After all, parenting isn’t an exact science. That said, it’s about time that parenthood—with all its different and sometimes quirky approaches—is celebrated, not debated. Welcome to the Sisterhood of Motherhood.

As a new parent, you experience all your baby’s exciting firsts in a sleep-deprived haze. Does that wail mean she’s hungry, wants sleep, or needs her diaper changed? And just when you think you’ve finally got it figured out, you start questioning yourself because of the (unsolicited) advice you’re getting from all sides.

We know parenting isn’t a solo sport, but it often feels like there are too many coaches on the field.

Often, the judgments fly fast and furiously—especially from other parents. Whether it’s about sleep training, diapers, or feeding, parents find themselves constantly challenged about the decisions they make for themselves and their little ones.

But the truth is, no two parents are the same. And no parent is perfect.

So in the spirit of celebrating this memorable but often overwhelming time in your lives, Similac is launching the “The Sisterhood of Motherhood” in the United States and shining light—not throwing shade—on parents everywhere. The Sisterhood of Motherhood is a way of life, encouraging you to support each other’s parenting needs and rally around the fact that we’re all in this together. When we embrace The Sisterhood of Motherhood, we focus on what’s really important—not on our differences. After all, everyone is working towards the same goal: to raise happy and healthy babies.

The Sisterhood of Motherhood will spread the idea of acceptance through tools that remind parents everywhere that while no one’s perfect, we’re all doing our best to raise the next generation. From this video that inspires people to rally around each other to Facebook and YouTube channels that share tips and ideas, The Sisterhood of Motherhood will foster this we’re-all-on-the-same-team spirit.

So, why Abbott?

We know there's no one way to be a parent, just like there's no one way to feed your baby. As a leader in baby formula, we want to encourage parents to feed however they see fit based on what's right for them and their babies. And, if they need to lean on us, we're here to offer our promise of quality, guidance, support and options, no matter what their feeding needs may be. That way we have less to debate, and more to celebrate. Just like the joy of parenthood itself.

Check out The Sisterhood of Motherhood and share its message of acceptance using #SisterhoodUnite.